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About Us

"They are a barrel full of awesome monkeys. Can't say enough good about them."
— Word Riot April 2010

BooksSome people have told us that Pathway Book Service is one of the best-kept secrets in the book business. When the company was founded in 1978, it began as a niche book jobber maintaining an enviable fill record and its growth was the result of customer recommendations only. Some years later, a number of publishers suggested that a full-scale fulfillment service be added to Pathway Book Service’s offerings. Since then, fulfillment has grown to become the company’s main focus. Our clients range from the most sophisticated and experienced publishers with long lists to those just starting out.

In April 2019, Pathway was purchased by its employees Bob Zipoli and George Corrette. This new beginning will bring about only positive changes and will mean greater things and a brighter future for all connected.